What is a Boudoir? Where is Boudoir Boutique in Raeford, NC?

boudoir definition
  • How we use the word now
  • What a boudoir actually is
  • How it has been used in pop culture
  • What can you expect when you shop at Boudoir luxury boutique and lounge

When you first hear or see the word boudoir, many of us think of boudoir photography. Images come to mind of lingerie and dim lighting. Women often schedule these photoshoots as part of a self love journey or to document an achieved fitness goal. It may even be a sensual gift for a partner. 

The word boudoir is not being used incorrectly in this sense. It is photography of a woman in her private intimate setting. Namely, her dressing room.

The boudoir first emerged as a private dressing and lounge space for aristocratic French women in the 18th century. 

It was a radical idea at the time because it was an indication that a woman needs privacy and respite from time to time. This freedom from society was only allowed to women of status. 

It was and still is considered a luxury for women to find peace away from society.

Men often have a library or a study to retreat to. In the 18th century, a woman had newly gained choices of how she spent her time.

The boudoir was a place to speak her mind to her friends, read, write and ponder the topic of the day.  

It was a setting where women retained authority and autonomy over their own bodies. It was this concept that gave life to it as an intimate setting where only the most privileged men were invited to be seduced.

In modern culture you may see it used as a southern reference like in the sitcom,  A Different World. There is a scene where Whitely Gilbert fairly accurately referred to her dorm room as her boudoir.


whitley gilbert 80s TV

Image courtesy of NBC TV Series ‘A Different Word’

When you visit Boudoir Boutique in Raeford, NC you can expect a luxurious Sip and Shop experience. We offer complimentary Champagne service on Saturdays. 

There is a lounge area where we can watch vintage movies or newly released to streaming movies daily. 

vintage movies

There is also an opportunity to book for small foodless events (Light Snacks Welcomed). We are located right across from the Fed Ex shipping facility in Raeford North Carolina within the newly constructed Midway Plaza.

Our price points range from $10-$100+ We realize that you may be shopping with your school aged daughter or teen so we have a few goodies in store for them as well. 

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Follow us on Instagram and feel free to share with us what YOU would like to see in Boudoir. It could be something you saw on Instagram or a staple item that would be good to grab and go without driving way into Fayetteville to the mall  or out to other boutiques Southern Pines. 

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