Just Love Coffee Fayetteville Outfits

Just Love Coffee Outfits

just love coffee fayetteville outfits

New to the Fayetteville area, Just Love Coffee has stellar reviews.

Jumping into the coffee house fray is not for the faint of heart but Just Love Coffee is quickly becoming a hot spot for brunch and lunch dates.

Customers are coming from locations surrounding Fayetteville to see what the buzz is about. Raeford residents are no exception turning out in droves!  

Here are 3 outfits to wear on your chill days.

Outfit #1 Raeford Knit Beanie 

If you are looking to make friends, a location that is a great billboard to show where you live or where you usually hang out. Pair this beanie with our maxi shacket to complete an updated mature grunge look. Available in 4 colors. 


Faith Bubble Dress at Boudoir Boutique

Outfit #2 Faith Bubble Dress 

Sunday brunch anyone? Just Love Coffee is obviously going to be packed so why not be relaxed if you should have to wait. This cotton blend dress is wide cut in one size. Pockets and has a beautiful faith script. When you come as you are there is no better way than comfort. 

From your sunday service to brunch or from brunch service is the nicest way to spend your sunday. Add to cart, pair with a cool jacket from Boudoir Boutique.

Fringe Jacket at Boudoir Boutique

Outfit #3 Speaking of jackets, did you know that Just Love Coffee has outdoor seating? 

Use this time to embrace the Western trend with this cowgirl jacket. It’s important to make every day of your life a special day. You’re not just going to get coffee, you are having fun and living life. Jacket comes in sizes small, medium and large. Pair with your favorite denim or maxi skirt for a full look. 

Visit Boudour Boutique in Raeford NC

8160 Fayetteville Rd

Raeford NC 28376

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